My team consists of so many people all loved, needed and so greatly appreciated.

  • Helen – Creator/designer
  • Dave- Greatest fan and help extraordinar!
  • Grace – Bumble
  • Sophia- Oshie

As most working Mums know to do it all is impossible without help and for me that help is my husband who steps up in the form of whatever needs doing. Packing and making transport crates for expo’s, designing display systems, doing extra around the house so I can sew just a little bit more, being with our girls while I am away, happy to do ballet classes, fancy dress balls at school etc etc……you name it and this man does it all for our family and my dream.

I am also blessed to have an extended family of friends. These beautiful people may not have official roles but I couldn’t do what I do without them. Their kindness extends to packaging stock from evening to early hours of the morning, to leaving their lovely families to travel Australia wide with me all so we can attend expos for you guys to see our great products in person and to bring my dreams to fruition. Help with social media, visual data to sewing ideas! My life would not be the same without them and my heart not as happy. They say “ it takes a village to raise a child” for me Bumble and Oshie is my baby!