In our previous press release we have listed the great features of our Swaddle Wrap but this one is our favourite!

Our extension kit turns your swaddle wrap into a breastfeeding cape in seconds, there are no clips or other surfaces on your wrap just 100% cotton fabric and lace.  Add the extension kit for privacy when feeding then simply remove to return to swaddle your babe, all wrapped in our love.

Our extension kit is available on our entire range of Wraps and easy to add when ordering online.

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Swaddle Wrap to Breast Feeding Cape

Hey that’s my Swaddle Wrap


from Swaddle to Cape


Close up!


Action shot


who is hiding there!



Bumble and Oshie manufacture and supply a wide range of Lace Swaddle Wraps, Baby Bloomers, Baby Blankets and more.
For more information, please email us here or via our contact page.

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